Registration will be done just like All-State audition registration -- using MPA Online! Go to the All County Choral website ( and click the MPA online link! If you did not participate in All-State auditions this year, and have not setup your MPA Online account for this school year, contact the FVA District Chair for more information.

First, make sure all of your auditioning students have been created by clicking on the "Step 2: Students" button. For each student, you must enter their first name, last name, grade level, and voice part.

Once you have created your students, you are ready to select "All-County Auditions" from the list of "District 7 Events". For each student you enter, you will select their name from the pull-down list, select their Ensemble (High School Directors: 9-10 girls MUST audition for Women's Choir, and 11-12 girls MUST audition for Mixed Choir!), select their audition voice part (High School Directors: please indicate part 1 or 2 for all voices!), select the chorus course for which the student is registered at your school, enter the student's cell phone number with area code (or home number if student doesn't have a cell), the parent/guardian emergency contact name, and parent cell number (do NOT put the director's cell number in this box!). Save the student, and begin the next one!


You may continue adding, editing, and deleting your list of students until 11:59pm on Wednesday, October 24th. At that time, all entries in the system are FINAL and MUST be paid for ($5 per student), even if the student later decides not to audition!

When you have finished entering students or 11:59pm on October 24th passes (whichever comes first), please click on "Print Applications". Print this application form, complete Director and Principal signatures, and send it WITH YOUR AUDITION FEE payable by SCHOOL CHECK, BOOSTER CHECK OR MONEY ORDER (payable to HCSMC) No personal checks accepted! Send these through School Mail to Ashley Huffman, Band Director, Dowdell Middle School, Route 5.

ALL SIGNED APPLICATIONS AND AUDITION FEES MUST BE IN ASHLEY'S HANDS BY THE END OF THE SCHOOL DAY ON TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30TH! If you can't get it in the School Mail bag by Friday, October 26th, you will need to make arrangements to hand deliver it to Dowdell Middle School or directly to Ashley herself on or before Tuesday, October 30!

Do NOT send your individual students' signed All-County Contracts to Ashley!!! You will bring these to turn in at the auditions. Please remember to have contracts in ALPHABETICAL ORDER and SEPARATED BY CHOIR for the coordinators at the audition. 

****Attention High School Directors****

If you are registering students to audition for BOTH the Women's Chorus AND the Mixed Chorus, the application/invoice that you print from MPA Online will have your audition fees separated by choir. You do not need to send a separate check or money order for each chorus! However, MPA Online does not give you a "grand total" for all entries. YOU MUST ADD THE TWO AMOUNTS TOGETHER TO ARRIVE AT THE CORRECT TOTAL FOR YOUR CHECK!

          EXAMPLE: You have registered 7 students for Women's Chorus (7 @ $5 =                 $35), and you have registered 7 students for Mixed Chorus (7 @ $5 = $35).                 Your application/invoice shows $35 total for Women's Chorus and $35 total for             Mixed Chorus. You write a school, booster check or money order to HCSMC in           the amount of $70!