Directors register your students for auditions at MPA Online. Click below to be sent to the link.

TEACHERS.... For detailed information, please click the DIRECTOR tab at the top. You are responsible for knowing this info or ask questions if you are unsure.

All County Auditions Dinner & Concession Info

Liberty will have dinner and concessions available for purchase at the All-County Chorus Auditions this year. 


$5 – Dinner Meal Deal – 2 Slices of Cheese Pizza, Chips, & Bottled Water

$2 – Single Slice of Pizza

$1 – Candy/Drinks

$.50 – Chips/Small Snacks

If you have any questions, please email Joseph Canessa ([email protected])  directly.

Hillsborough County Secondary Music Council

Would you as a Director or Student like more information about what the HCSMC? Check out the website below

Audition Excerpt Info Released

Just like the All-State Vocal Audition, students will be tested on 3 excerpts from their music packet. One excerpt is "announced" in advance (see below), and the other two will be revealed at the audition on November 13th. If you would like to become acquainted with the grading rubric early, it is located in the ALL COUNTY FORMS section under For Directors in the column at the right. The rubric is based on the one used for All-State.



    Girls: Paper Crane - Piano begins at measure 13; Audition pickup to measure 17-32

    Guys: Jonah - Piano begins at measure 14; Audition measures15-20                                     

  • HS Women's:

    Vidi Aquam: Music starts at measure 37; Audition is pickup to measure 41- 51                    

  • HS Mixed:                                                                                                              Gloria et Honor - Music begins at measure 25; Audition measures 28-47

Welcome to All County Chorus 2018!

The Hillsborough All-County Choir is an opportunity for the top musicians from throughout the county to experience music making in a large ensemble setting with students from throughout the county. This is also a chance for these top-tier students to work with a professional director other than their own. This annual event showcases the best and brightest Hillsborough County has to offer.

Live auditions will be held at LIBERTY MIDDLE SCHOOL on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13th, 2017. Due to dismissal times at Liberty, DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 4:30pm! Students, Chaperones and Directors may arrive after 4:30pm with a Director's meeting around 5:00pm and auditions starting shortly after. Auditions are conducted by the directors throughout the county. Based on their auditions, students earn a position in the honor ensembles.


My name is Corey Poole, Vocal Director at Steinbrenner High School. This year I look forward to working with you again as the Overall All-County Honor Choir Coordinator. For our new teachers, our district continues to provide opportunities to challenge our students and All County is one of the many ways this occurs. I hope that you and your students find this a rewarding experience.

Our coordinators that you will be working with this year are

      Jeff Bogue, HS Mixed Choir

      Judith Romera, HS Women's Choir and

      Chad DeLoach and Kyle Goyens, MS Mixed Choir

***As a courtesy to these coordinators, if you have ANY questions concerning All County Chorus, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR CHILD'S DIRECTOR***

These coordinators have worked very hard in choosing a clinician that will provide our students with a great All County experience. Our 2018 clinicians are


      Dr. Troy Robertson, HS Mixed Choir

      Deah McReynolds, HS Women’s Choir and

      Reese Norris, MS Mixed Choir

I would like to thank Mr. Hope, along with Dre Graham and the Hillsborough County Secondary Music Council for providing the financial support to once again hire Choral Tracks to do our rehearsal tracks. Below, you will find links to Dropbox folders for each of our All-County Honor Choirs. If you have any problems with the Dropbox links, please let me know. You will find a file which includes all the pdfs for each choir, which you may duplicate as needed for your auditioning students (originals are already on file). Within each choir folder will be all of the tracks associated with that choir. Look for your specific voice part and remember as the audition date approaches, we will be using the "Balanced Voices" tracks to test students. This is the track that the students will be using in the actual audition rooms. You are welcome to share these Dropbox links with your students, so they can download the MP3 files directly to their computers, phones, and other devices.

Music for All Choirs

Please contact your child's director for their music packet.

HS Mixed Choir

HS Women's Choir

Middle School Choir

PLEASE READ CONCERNING MS Splits: So there is even balanced with regards to voicing, the MS Coordinators decided that they would model the splits after FVA and just assign schools (similar to how FVA assigns districts) to sing certain parts for that one song. 

All sopranos from... will sing...

Adams S1

Barrington S1

Benito S2

Burns S1

Ben Hill S2

Buchanan S2

Davidson S1

Eisenhower S1

Farnell S2

Liberty S1


Mann S2

Martinez S1

Mulrennan S2

Orange Grove S1

Pierce S2

Progress Village S2

Randall S2

Rodgers S2

Smith S1

Turner-Bartels S2

Niska Banja

In mm. 15-22, 39-46, and 63-70, the altos have a split. Please follow the same split as is listed on the All-County website. So... if your school was assigned to Soprano 1, your Altos will sing Alto 1. If your school was assigned to sing Soprano 2, your Altos will sing Alto 2. Please look carefully at the aforementioned measures as the Alto 1's and Alto 2's cross voices in those measures. The recordings reflect this.

Dreams of Thee

Sopranos split in mm. 85-86. Follow the assigned splits listed on the website.

Paper Crane

The Soprano 1's split in mm. 33-48 and 53-57. (The extra Soprano stave that begins at m. 72 will be assigned to a select few, probably on site at the first rehearsal with the clinician.) Schools that have been assigned to sing Soprano 1, please split according to the following:

All Soprano 1's from... will sing...

Adams - Top note

Barrington - Bottom note

Burns - Top note

Davidson - Bottom note

Eisenhower - Top note

Liberty - Bottom note

Martinez - Top note

Orange Grove - Bottom note

Smith - Top note

I Shall Not Live in Vain

In mm. 61-62, the tenors split. Please follow the same split as is listed on the All-County website. So... if your school was assigned to Soprano 1, your Tenors will sing Tenor 1. If your school was assigned to sing Soprano 2, your Tenors will sing Tenor 2.

Kaki Lambe

At m. 24, beat 4, the Sopranos split. Follow the assigned splits.

At m. 32, beat 4, the tenors enter, singing the bottom note of the top staff.

At m. 41, beat 3, the tenors sing an octave below what is written.

At m. 48, beat 4, the tenors go back to singing the bottom note of the top staff.

Tenors divide the same way as in I Shall Not Live in Vain. If your school was assigned Soprano 1, the Tenors will sing the CHOIR 1 part. If your school was assigned Soprano 2, the Tenors will sing the CHOIR 2 part.

Sopranos will split according to the following plan:

All Soprano 1's from... will sing...

Adams - CHOIR 1

Barrington - CHOIR 2

Burns - CHOIR 1

Davidson - CHOIR 2

Eisenhower - CHOIR 1

Liberty - CHOIR 2

Martinez - CHOIR 1

Orange Grove - CHOIR 2

Smith - CHOIR 1

All Soprano 2's from... will sing...

Benito - CHOIR 2

Ben Hill - CHOIR 1

Buchanan - CHOIR 2

Farnell - CHOIR 1


Mann - CHOIR 1

Mulrennan - CHOIR 2

Pierce - CHOIR 1

Progress Village - CHOIR 2

Randall - CHOIR 1

Rodgers - CHOIR 2

Turner-Bartels - CHOIR 1

Some adjustments may certainly need to be made once the choir is seated for balance purposes, but hopefully, this is a good starting point that will get us close.

----------------------------------------*Please Note*-----------------------------------------

Which music should students learn?

HS Mixed Honor Choir: Boys in Grades 9-12 and Girls in Grades 11 & 12

HS Women's Honor Choir: Girls in Grades 9 & 10

Liberty Meeting Locations

  • Middle School Students - Cafeteria
  • 9th and 10th grade ladies - Liberty Gym
  • 11th and 12th grade ladies & 9th - 12th grade gentlemen - Auditorium
  • Director Registration - Liberty Chorus Room (Room 708)